Cannabis Activists Do Not Wish To Be Called “Stoners”

Cannabis grows on virtually every continent on Earth and has been used for a wide variety of things aside from smoking , although that really is how most individuals see it. Henry Ford actually made a car figure out of it once and even reach it with a sludge hammer to reveal its durability, something you would not also do to a GM Saturn Car. Recently in a Internet think tank a cannabis activist stated:

“You mention a touchy point with activists for this particular plant being tagged as stoners, plus it is a stigma not everybody gets the stones to try and shake in the general public domain.”

Cannabis Activists certainly are a tiny part of life on Earth. However, most stoners whether cannabis activists or whether they have thoroughly researched the various uses of this plant or perhaps not do believe that Marijuana is still the best substance in the world and also that the plant that it comes from may be the best plant on Earth. Another believe tanker in commenting on this statement said:

“I’ve in my life witnessed enough stoners to base my comments on reality and dismiss myself from the demands of political correctness. I don’t really believe they have been still deserved. I actually do not accept your apology in wanting to warrant”marijuana smoking” or your own digression from reality. I shall accept your return into responsibility to the others around you along with your admission to personal weakness leading one to a life of medication usage.”

You can see how difficult it is for cannabis activists to produce any head way with such stigma attached. In fact the thinktank was considering a comment from a think-tanker on the usage of non-THC Cannabis to be harvested for ethanol since it’s four times the cellulose significance and might produce an excellent harvest from vapor manufacturing, plus it may grow in humid regions without a lot of water. But no one will talk cannabis this way, because each of the drug users and stoners have contributed it this stigma, which no one will shake. Consider that in 2006.

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